The safety of our patients and staff remains our number one priority and we appreciate your support in keeping everyone safe.

For your appointments

From Monday 15th November 2021, fully vaccinated women will be welcome in the practice without needing to have a Covid swab before their appointment. You will need to show your Covid vaccination status in your Service NSW app.


We also welcome partners of pregnant women who are also fully vaccinated, and can show this on the Service NSW app.


For women that are unvaccinated, you will need to have proof of a negative Covid swab within 72 hours before your appointment. Unvaccinated partners will not be able to attend regardless of swab status at this time.


At this stage, please no children under the age of 12 (except babies or by prior arrangement), or other children who are unvaccinated at your appointments.


Gynaecology patients are able to bring one partner or support person along to their appointment who is also fully vaccinated and able to show proof of vaccination.


We continue to require mask wearing at your appointments, and you will need to ‘sign in’ on the Service NSW app before entry.


Any person who is unable to meet these entry requirements should contact our team on 1300971265 for further guidance.

Hospital requirements as you approach birth

For pregnant women approaching their birth, Wollongong Private Hospital currently require women to have had a negative Covid swab within 72 hours.


In practice, this means that as women approach their due date (from about 36 weeks onwards), you will need to have a Covid swab performed every 72 hours.


This will also apply to the partners of pregnant women who plan to attend the birth.


The hospital also have restrictions on visiting, I’d encourage you to check their websites and discuss the current arrangements with us as you approach the birth.